Brawler: Undertaker Toro


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About Brawlers Project:
EL TORO visually re-imagines the likeness of pop-culture icons spanning from television, comic books, movies, and video games.

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For every print, there is a chance to get a signed 1 of 1 version of the print.

1 of 1 hand customized version will be available on some prints.

Each card is printed on a 120lb cover stock with smooth un-coated finish. The non-coated material gives a nice matte finish that minimizes any glare you would get from a glossy card stock.

Undertaker is my favorite wrestler to date. He will always be the best show stopping wrestler for me. His entrance was always epic and spooky. He had the best fights in and out of the ring. His casket matches was always fun to watch. He also had very iconic feuds with the top wrestlers. I also heard he was a pleasure to work with from other wrestlers. It's sad to see him retire, but he has put years of phenomenal and unforgettable shows.


Image of Brawler: Undertaker Toro Image of Brawler: Undertaker Toro